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Over the past 12 months, Pinnacle Quality Insight has interviewed St. Aloisius customers and determined that St. Aloisius Medical Center has qualified for a Pinnacle Customer Experience Award in 12 different areas; Overall Satisfaction, Nursing Care, Dining Service, Cleanliness, Individual Needs, Laundry Service, Communication from Facility, Response to Problems, Recommend to Others, Activities, Safety and Security and Combined Average. This award is given to care providers who have achieved “best-in-class” customer satisfaction standards within their peer group. 

St. Aloisius is proud of this accomplishment and thank you, our customers, for your confidence in us.  We are called to “stand out” not blend in, let’s continue to work together to assure that St. Aloisius continues to “stand out” in health care. 

Team members, Evony Hansen, RN; Candie Thompson, DON; Marjorie Kleinsasser, RN; Mike Zwicker, CEO; and Sandy Teubner, CFO

St. Aloisius - Zero Harm Press Release

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Our Long Term Care is a 5-Star facility as determined by the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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NOTE: The Sisters of Mary of the Presentation Health System, which includes St. Aloisius Medical Center, is considered a Qualified North Dakota Endowment Fund. Are you aware of the tax incentive (income tax credit) for charitable gifts made to qualifying ND charitable organizations? If you are interested in learning more about charitable gift donations please contact us!


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